Expensure™ (beta)

Take a Quick Tour of Expensure

Tour_intropic Here are a few handy screenshots from Expensure. As you'll see, it's pretty simple and straightforward to use.

We use it with our flatmates and travelmates to take away the continual pain of working out exactly who owes who what!

The Dashboard

Tour_pic1 The Dashboard is the first page you arrive at once you've logged in.

From here you can view all of the recent activity that has taken place on your ledgers, including the purchases and payments of yourself and the other people you share the ledger with.

Ledger Overview

Tour_pic2 Each ledger has its own Overview page that shows you the recent activity of this particular ledger.

From here you can add a purchase, a payment, or an item to the Shopping List.

You can also modify the ledger settings (including adding new people to the ledger) and view the entire history of transactions that have taken place.


Tour_pic3 The Purchase page details all of the recent purchases that have been made on the ledger.

You can also add a new purchase from here.


Tour_pic4 The Repayments page shows all of the recent repayments that have been made between people on the ledger.

You can also add a new repayment from here.

Expensure uses a Circular Debt Resolution™ algorithm that keeps on ongoing record of how much people owe each other at any one time by looking work out who owes who what in just a few seconds.

Shopping Lists

Tour_pic5 The Shopping List lets you add items to a list of things that need to be purchased to a ledger.

You – and the people you share the ledger with – can view the list, say from your mobile phone when you're out at the supermarket, and tick off the items as you buy them.


Tour_pic6 Expensure Trends gives you a visual overview of where your money has been spent each month, and whether the trends for each expense category are increasing or decreasing over time.

Managing users

Tour_pic7 You can access the the People management panel to invite, add or remove people from a ledger.

Each person on the ledger can record their purchases and payments – let Expensure work out who owes who what!

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