Expensure™ (beta)

Frequently asked questions

Expensure is in Beta

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is simple, just click on the 'Register' tab above and enter your details. You will be sent an activation email, and once you have opened that and click on the link inside you will be up and running.

How do I accept an invite?

When you are accepted into the Expensure beta, you will receive an email. Click on the link in the email to create your account. If you are having any trouble with this step, or anything else on the site, please don't hesitate to let us know via the 'Contact' form and let us know what's not working for you.

I've got a good idea for a feature. And I think I've found a bug. Do you want feedback on how to make Expensure better?

Absolutely! That's what the beta is all about. Please give us your comments & suggestions, and help us squash any bugs, by sending us your feedback using the 'Contact' form. There's also a 'Send feedback' button on the main menu.


How do I encrypt my data?

Just sign in normally check the box that asks if you want to 'use a secure connection'.

Why does it keep saying that parts of the page are insecure?

Don't worry, this doesn't mean your connection is not secure. This message is caused by the Google Ads we have on each page. Currently Google doesn't allow these to be encrypted so it's only that part of the page that isn't encrypted. Everything else is fully secure.

Getting Started with Ledgers

What is a ledger?

A ledger records the transactions that take place between people. These might be the bills you and your flatmates share for your flat, the costs shared by travelmates on a trip away or the expenses run up by your band, your sports team or any kind of group that you're a member of.

How do I create a new ledger?

Setting up a new ledger is simple. Just log in and click the 'New ledger' button on your dashboard. Then enter the ledger a name (e.g. 'Flat A 22 High Street' or 'Sicily Holiday'), add a helpful description (such as 'Paul, Mary and Mark's bills & expenses'), set the currency symbol (£, $, € etc.) and a prefix (say 'flat' or 'trip') so that each purchase is given a unique code that you can write on receipts, like flat01 or trip07. Click 'Create' and you are ready to start adding people to the ledger.

How do I open a ledger?

You can see a list of all of your ledgers on your Dashboard, along with their recent purchases, payments and shopping list items. Click on 'View' or the title of any of your ledgers to open it.

How do I add someone to a ledger?

Just click on the 'People' button within a ledger. You can send out invites for your friends and colleagues to join you by entering their email address and clicking 'Add person'. If they are already an Expensure user, they'll be able to accept your invitation when they next log in. If you are inviting a new user, they will receive an invite via email and can join by clicking the link within it. Either way, they will be listed as 'Invited' until they accept the invitation to join your ledger, however you can enter purchases and payments for them in the meantime.

How do I change the name or other details of a ledger?

Click on 'Ledger settings', make your changes, and click 'Update'. Note that to make these types of changes you must either be the person who created the ledger, or the creator will have had to have given you 'Admin' access to it on the 'People' page.

Can I view all of the transactions on a ledger?

Yes. Click on 'Transaction history' from within any ledger for a full list of every transaction that has taken place between the people involved, one month at a time. Scroll back and forward between months using the 'Previous' and 'Next' links.

How do I delete someone from a ledger?

To delete a person from a ledger, click 'People' and then the trash can icon across from their name. You need to be either the creator or an Admin of the ledger to do this. Once deleted, this person will not be able access the ledger, but purchases and payments they have made will remain on the ledger. Note that you can't delete a person until their net balance is zero.

How do I delete a ledger?

You can delete an entire ledger by going to 'Ledger settings' and then clicking the 'Delete ledger' button in the panel on the right. Deleting a ledger permanently removes it from Expensure. Be very careful – there's no way to undo this!

Purchases and Payments

I've just joined an existing ledger. Where did all these purchases and payments come from?

When you share expenses with other people using Expensure, they can record purchases and payments on ledgers that you share.

How do I record that I've paid a bill or bought something?

To record a purchase, select the relevant ledger and click 'Add purchase'. You can then enter information about what was purchased, how much it cost, who it needs to be split with and how much each person needs to pay. Expensure will then update the 'Who owes whom what?' panel for the ledger.

What's the 'Who owes whom what?' panel?

This shows each person on the ledger, and the amount that owe, or are owed, to the others.

How does Expensure know what I owe to other people?

Whenever you or someone that you share a ledger with records a purchase, Expensure adds it to the list of transactions on the ledger. We then use the mighty power of Circular Debt Resolution to work out who owes whom what, and show the final payments required to square things off.

How do I record that I've paid what I owe to somebody?

Once you've settled an outstanding debt with somebody, you need to record the payment so that Expensure knows about it. You can either click on 'Add payment', or click on the 'Settle this debt' link next to their name in the 'Who owes whom what?' panel. Both of these actions will allow you to enter information about the payment, such as who it was made to, the amount, and any extra notes you may wish to add.

Can I pay somebody back using Expensure?

Soon. Right now we are focusing on making Expensure the best shared expense tracking app out there. But we do plan to add the ability for you to both make and receive cash payments shortly.

Circular Debt Resolution™

What is Circular Debt Resolution™?

It sounds complicated, but the idea is simple. When multiple people share expenses over a given time period, there will always be someone who has paid more/less than someone else. For example, Mark might owe Paul £11 for lunch, and Paul might owe Mary £10 for groceries, and Paul might also owe Mark £22.50 for gig tickets and Mary might owe Mark £10.58 for dinner and Mark owes Mary £27 for gas, but he also owes Paul £8.80 for gas, and Paul still owes Mary £35 for last month's electricity bill and it goes on and on and on can get so complicated that even a maths degree won't help you work it out.

This is where Expensure steps in - Expensure looks at who you owe money to, who owes you money, and what money these other people owe to each other. Expensure then groups all of these transactions together, works out which debts cancel each other out and determines the simplest way to clear any outstanding amounts using the least number of transactions within a group of people, so that it's never the case that money goes from hand to hand in a circle. So in the example above, Paul needs to pay Mary £47.70 and Mark needs to pay Mary £13.72 and then they will all be back to a clean slate.

Shopping Lists

What's the idea behind shopping lists?

The shopping list is a place where you and the people that you share the ledger with can itemise the things you need to buy in the future, like the groceries for your flat, or the supplies for a trip away with friends. That way any of the people on your ledger can log in and see what needs to be bought. When you buy things that are on the list, it's easy for you to record the purchase in Expensure by ticking the check box next to the item and clicking 'Purchase items'. That way, the others on the ledger will know that you've bought it so they don't have to!

It'd be great if I could see the shopping list on my mobile phone!

We agree – soon you'll be able to use the mobile version of Expensure to view and check off items from the list when you're out and about picking things up.

How do I add something to a shopping list?

Each of your ledgers has a separate shopping list. Just click 'Shopping list' on the main menu, then 'Add item'. Enter the details of the new item and click 'Create'.

How do I edit an item on a shopping list?

Click the 'Edit' link next to the item you want to edit, make your changes to the entry, and click 'Update'. Your changes will be shown on the list.

How do I remove something from a shopping list?

Click the trash can icon next the item you want to remove. If you're removing the item because you've bought it or paid it, make sure to check the box and click 'Purchase items' instead, else Expensure won't know that you've bought it and you won't get paid back!

How does the Trends page work?

Everytime you record a new purchase you can assign it to a specific expense category (there are a bunch of default categories to choose from, or you can create your own ones). Once a purchase has been linked to an expense category, Expensure can visualise it as part of your overall outgoings on the Trends page.

The Trends page takes all of these categorised purchases for the most recent 6 month period and plots them on a graph that features a month-by-month breakdown of your spending habits across each category, showing you when and where your expenses are increasing or decreasing.

How do I set up my own categories?

On the Trends page you'll see the 'Edit categories' button. Click this to see the categories for the ledger. If you are an administrator of the ledger, you'll be able to add, edit and remove the categories.

I'm an early adopter and have been using Expensure since before Trends existed! Can I go back to old purchases and categorise them?

Yes, you can go back and edit purchases that have been recorded in the past and assign them to a category. If you do, make sure to set up your categories first.

Your account settings

How can I change my name or password?

You can see your account settings by clicking 'My page' on the main menu after you log in. Click 'Edit my account' to change your name or password.

Help, I forgot my password!

Don't worry, just click 'Help, I forgot my password!' on the login page and we'll send your password to your registered email address.

How can I change my email address?

(This feature is on our todo list and is coming soon.)

How can I delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go, but if you want to delete your account and all of your ledgers, contact us and we'll delete them for you.