Expensure™ (beta)

About Expensure

Expensure was created by Harmonypark to help simplify the complexity of sharing bills and expenses with other people.

We were sitting around one day trying to work out who owed who money after about three months of bills and expenses had been accumulated. Each person had paid for multiple items, and owed money for many different bills.

It was becoming a bit of a nightmare and we were all a bit frustrated by it, and then, from the midst of this financial quagmire came an idea of how we might never have to suffer through this situation again. That was the moment that Expensure was born.

It turns out that Expensure has not only been the answer to our problem, but it has also helped touring bands, sports teams, flatmates and friends cut the hassle out of the equation and get on with whatever it is that they came together to do.

So that's the story of Expensure. Let us know if you've found a novel use for our app that we might not have already thought of — or if you have any comments or suggestions of how we can make it better!

The Expensure Team