Expensure™ (beta)

Expensure is the easy way to track and manage your shared flat expenses!

  • Keep track of who owes whom what
  • Set bill reminders for forgetful flatmates...
  • Use it on your mobile (for shopping lists and more)
  • It's all completely free!

What you can do and why it's so good


Expensure manages your shared expenses

Expensure is a free, secure, online tool that helps flatmates and travelmates track, manage and resolve their shared bills and expenses. Expensure uses a Circular Debt Resolution™ algorithm to work out who owes whom what in just a few seconds, saving you from the pain of working it all out manually.


Giving you the tools to save money

As the old saying goes, “if you can't measure it, you can't control it” and this is definitely true for your household spending habits. Expensure Trends helps you to stay in control by showing you exactly where your money has gone each month. Find out more


Multi-person expense management

Expensure looks at who you owe money to, who owes you money, and what money these other people owe to each other. Expensure then applies a Circular Debt Resolution™ algorithm to work out which debts cancel each other and what is the simplest way to clear any outstanding debts using the fewest transactions possible.


Use Expensure on your mobile!

Expensure is also optimised for use on your mobile phone, letting you add bills, purchases and expenses as and when they come to you. Use the collaborative Shopping List at the supermarket or supplies store – flatmates and travelmates can tick off items as they're bought.


Your expenses are safe and secure

Your data is password protected and has the same level of SSL protection as your online bank account. That means that only you and the people you nominate will ever be able to access your data.

Expensure & Travelstormer

Travelstormer, the online travel brainstorming service now lets you resolve all of your travel-related expenses with Expensure.

Visit Travelstormer

Expensure & PayPal

Expensure now enables you to pay back many people at once using a single unified transaction via your PayPal account!

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